Modify Logitech PS2 Headset

Started by fragment, September 14, 2004, 01:47:01 PM

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Ok, I modded my USB Logitech headset to accept an additional headset so someone else can either listen in on the online chat, or you can get a stereo (mono on both) effect. What I really wanted to do though was make some sort of speakerphone so I don't have to wear the headset. I thought of using computer speakers the other day and tried to make an adapter but it didn't work. Any ideas on what I could do? Basically I should be able to make a plug that will plug into my custom jack (it is 2.5 mini jack I believe) and somehow make a speakerphone.... Any ideas?


The reason there aren't any/many speakerphones for this purpose is feedback.  When you have a speaker loud enough to be heard from a distance the mic will pic up that sound, play it through the speakers, pick it up, play it back...  Feedback.

Or, best case, the talker on the other end will hear his voice echoed back to him.


well the way most of the games work is a button needs to be pressed in order to talk. I don't have any games have constant talking like the X-box games. So with that in mind feedback isn't an issue.  


I figured out the wires for the headset so you can do what you want. I plan on using external, powered PC speakers and a seperate clip on mic. Or I might use my hands free ear peice and mic from my cell phone sinse it's so small and light.

Hope it helps, I will post my mod pics soon.