Sega MD1+MCD+32X setup - stereo audio?

Started by Fix_Metal, September 30, 2013, 09:05:45 PM

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Hello everybody.
This ain't really an audio mod but...
I've bought a bunch of DIN8 U and mini DIN9 connectors from Distrelec lately.
I was willing to build RGB cables and MD1->32X cables and sell them on ebay.
I'm trying to figure out how to get stereo leads out of that.
Usually I build RGB MD1/SMS cables with 2 RCA leads out of the scart and a mini switch which allows to select wheter mono (from DIN8) or stereo (from RCA leads) input. That way, you can cover both MD or MD+MCD case.
MD only:

  • Jack to RCA cable from headphone
  • RCA directly into RCA leads over SCART

MD+MCD combo:

  • Jack to jack cable from headphone to mixing in MCD
  • RCA cable from MCD into RCA leads over SCART

But 32x + MCD is messy. I found Sega 32X manual and originally there was a MD->32X adapter cable, which I assume used mono audio, since there are no leads and I found documentation about the fact 32X HAS a PWM audio output.

So, the only way to get stereo leads to me would be to solder a DIN8 to mini DIN9 cable with a 3,5mm female jack lead out on the DIN9 side and do the same for the out AV 32X side. That way you can use the outputted 32X audio, send it to MCD and get the RCA stereo from MCD. RCA leads would be needed too on the SCART side.

That's massy, but seems correct to me. That way you can even use the mono audio line for switching the 50/60hz with the switchless mod too. Any points?
Ever seen people using MD+32X+MCD?