Sony PSP Headset/Mic Pinout

Started by darcsyde, November 20, 2005, 06:26:09 PM

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I'm trying to find out what the pinout is for the PSP headset/mic that was recently released so I can make my own.

I can't find any pics of the headset/mic's plug. But I know that it must be plugged into the PSP's wired remote/dongle. And that only accepts 3.5mm (1/8") plugs. So I took an educated guess that since stereo headphones use a 3-conductor 3.5mm plug than that headset must use a 4-conductor 3.5mm plug (same length of course). So what I did was figure out the wires for a standard pair of stereo headphone's as a reference, and then guessed where the mic's + would go.

Is this correct?

Here's the PSP's remote board:

I soldered wires from a headset I already had to where I thought the wires would go but no one could hear me when I talked into the mic.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Stupid question here: How many connectors are there on the end of the PSP remote, not including the serial remote control. On mine, there are only the three, which suggests either the PSP remote doesn't support headsets, or that the headset signal goes via a different pin.
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The official Sony headset/mic has been out for over a week. And in the manual for the only game that supports it right now (SOCOM FTB) says it must be plugged into the PSP's remote. Which only accepts a 3.5mm plug, so it has to be a 4-conductor plug.

So my question is where do the wires (from a headset) go on a (4-conductor) 3.5mm plug?  


Well, Marcus Comstedt did a bit of reverse engineering on the remote control and figured a pinout over at

There's two pins who's functions are not known exactly. Those could be used as analog input for the headset. Suggestions are that pins 1 and 4 may be used for the microphone input, but no-one has confirmed this.
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