Choujin for HD image

Started by hyrulebr, September 10, 2018, 08:18:05 AM

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Does this game was dumped for HD? I searched in V4 image, baller v2 and didn't find it.

I want to test a recently purchase SN-U110-10 and SN-U110-07 roland cards.

Probably only avaiable to floppy disc but my drive isn't reading...


Sadly Choujin uses partitioned floppy disks (Naious is another such game), meaning this game will only run from floppy disks.  If you attempt to run it off HDD, it will always crash on boot.  Thankfully being a Takeru release there is no copy protection, so I just keep the images on my HDD and write a copy whenever I need to.  If your floppies are dead then running the game off of one of those floppy emulator devices should work, but I don't have the hardware myself.



But I have to fix my drives someday...

Talking about these  games, I read here about:

River city ransom
Direct x
Some version of ys (that requires the original game)
Anything else?


I believe it is Ys:Wanderers From Ys that requires original discs. You can play the game up to a certain point I believe before the protection kicks in.

I’m not sure about RCR, it’s on the image but then so is Y2 which is also heavily protected to the point it is unplayable.


direct x and donwtown work perfectly in hdd.

Choujin, naious only floppy.


Quote from: ashrion on September 25, 2019, 06:01:17 AMdirect x and donwtown work perfectly in hdd.

Choujin, naious only hdd.

Which image are you using to get Direct X and Dowtonw to work in HDD?


My image hdd.

Aquales only work first stage, only work fine all game in floppys.



I was using V4 without the patches/updates.

Now I can play direct X and downtown in my sd card!