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Megadrive 2 Modding

Started by Cyber Axe, February 25, 2008, 02:18:33 AM

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Cyber Axe

hi just wondering about a couple of things about the mod as the guide doesnt mention them

firstly does the pin 107 have to be lifted from the pcb?

secondly does anyone know if the 315-5660 is a safe chip to do the mod with (since the guide says some chips will fail) its a PAL MD2


That chip is safe to use, it's the same as mine, also a PAL MD2.
As for leg 107, it has to be disconnected from the rest of the circuitry somehow. You could cut the trace running to it if you don't want to lift.

Tiido Priim├Ągi

I just cut the trace from where it ends up (a VCC point) and soldered a wire on it.
Mida sa loed ? Nagunii aru ei saa ;)

Cyber Axe

ok, thanks will try it out tomorrow