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Started by Segasonicfan, March 04, 2019, 05:55:58 PM

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Does anyone know how to upload files locally here?  I added some external links to missing information for the schematics wiki.
Some notable exceptions to the very nice collection are:

no X'eye schematics / service manual
no Amstrad or Teradrive service info
no Laseractive service info.

Some of these have been dumped around the Internet and it would be nice to get them up there!:)

also I am dreaming so hard of a CDX service manual...someone sold one on ebay in 2016 but it has yet to surface AFAIK (someones hoarding :( )



Hmm, I don't think there's a general purpose uploader. 

Use the one for the X68000 archive for now and I'll put the files where they belong.


OK thx.  Ill try to get around to it the meantime I got hyperlinks up :)  Thanks for storing everything on your local servers!  Makes me happy to know that these documents will be preserved.  I've been using them very often, and recently completed 2 massive Sega Genesis /CDX repairs that I will be uploading documentation of soon.


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Hey,  I tried that uploader just now and got a "413 Request Entity Too Large" :(  The file is a service manual only 3MB.  Id like to ad:

Gen 1 service manual

also Gen2 VA3:

Amstrad Mega PC Service manual:

JVC X Eye Service Manual:

Amstrad Mega PC:

Sega PAC S10

also, the first link on the main page "Console Schematics" is dead.


I upgraded the mailserver a couple of weeks ago and it broke a shitload of stuff, so even if that page was properly configured to allow >2MB uploads (it is now) it would have died.

Soo....  It all works now.  Thanks for letting me know.

Your files are here:,_August,_1992,_Rev._A.pdf


wow that was fast!  In the time you were doing that I added a few more files, see the modified post above.

sorry to keep you so busy :)


I noticed that, and assumed you were going to upload those and save me the hassle.  ;)


Quote from: NFG on April 08, 2019, 01:29:48 PM
I noticed that, and assumed you were going to upload those and save me the hassle.  ;)



Your two Amstrad PC links are the same, did you mean to link two different docs?