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Nintendo 3DS: New platform, old story.
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Castlevania Sprites!
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I made this.


Another laptop falls!
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Today's tech fun!
My doorbell broke.
Lots of time spent on new hacks.
Sega Saturn Switchless Mod: Done!
V-601SH speaker killswitch
Making a Saturn USB pad...
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Vodafone useless, pulls out of Japan
On DRM and other madness
QRCode code update
On Microsoft and DRM.
Sony's PSP: A review
ATMs + Headphones
Server rebuilding and other fun
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New 256k app from Taito
I made a QRCode Generator.
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3x Galaga Comparison (plus!)
Two rare things for your enjoy.
Today's tech fun!
X68000 Gallery, Technical + more
Floppy Disk Art Gallery
Sharp X68000 Bonanza
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Pirates! on the PSP

by Kendrick - Feb 04 2011 in Game Reviews

The Playstation Portable is like a family sedan with delusions of race car glory. People should really be using it for little short bursts of activity, but we keep being encouraged to take it for long and grueling professional outings. It wants to be much more than the portable system good for a quick go with Lumines, but...
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Sega GT Online

by Kendrick - Jan 23 2011 in Game Reviews

There are generally two types of people who play racing games, those who love cars and those who love driving. While there's some overlap, you can usually pick one side or another based on the games you play. I fall pretty squarely into the latter camp, as I prefer the immediate action of competition between equals.
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Colony Wars

by Kendrick - Jan 19 2011 in Game Reviews

There's a stereotype that the majority of video games are space combat simulations. It's a misconception that frightens parents and confuses journalists, and it is based on an outdated but certain kernel of truth. From the incessant rhythmic pressure of Space Invaders, to the clean lines and unending labor of Asteroids,...
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Mezase! Senkyuo (Playstation)

by NFG - Jan 10 2011 in Game Reviews

Possibly one of the best games you've never played, Mezase Senkyuoh (known as Battle Balls outside Japan) is a little-known game from Seibu Kaihatsu, the shooter masters who brought us Raiden.
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Sega Saturn Controller Review

by NFG - Jan 05 2011 in Reviews

If you ask any serious gamer which video game console controller is their all-time favourite, odds are they'll tell you it's Sega's Saturn pad. Not the awful, what-were-they-thinking pad that launched with the Saturn in North America, but the one Japanese players always had
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The NFG EDGE logo.

by NFG - Jan 05 2011 in Games (General)

A long time ago I was digging through a bin of Atari ST games and came across Garfield. If I remember correctly the game was rubbish, but the title screen caught my eye. It featured a logo for a company called Edge, and I looked at this logo and I thought gee, that almost looks the same upside down!
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NFG's Best Games of 2010

by NFG - Dec 31 2010 in Games (General)

So like many old people I don't play as many games as I used to. What with real-life commitments like work, lawn bowling and shaking my cane at the kids on my lawn I just don't have the disposable time.
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Sega MegaDrive Controller Review

by NFG - Dec 30 2010 in Reviews

In 1988 Sega was an also-ran console maker, constantly chasing Nintendo but never really achieving significance. They were becoming a dominating force in the arcades, but they just couldn't parlay that success into the home. And they tried very hard indeed:
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Sega Dreamcast D-Pad: How'd they do it?

by NFG - Dec 28 2010 in Technical

If you've ever seen Sega's Dreamcast controller you might have noticed its cross-shaped d-pad. If you follow these sorts of things, you might have noticed it and thought to yourself didn't Nintendo patent that? And you're right, they did.
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Megaman Sprite History

by NFG - Dec 04 2010 in Games (General)

Capcom's Megaman series is widely loved and deservedly so. Capcom pulled out all the stops in every single game. No expense spared! Their graphic artists were unstoppable.
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Talking about PacMan

by Kendrick - Nov 27 2010 in Games (General)

[NFG Note: This topic was split from the PacMan CE DX guide thread as it is now a discussion of PacMan as a whole, rather than DX specifically.">
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Cave Head on Shooters

by NFG - Nov 22 2010 in Games (General)

Cave is possibly the last great shootermaker, but for my money their last truly great game was 1998's Dangun Feveron. It's very interesting to hear Yukihiro Masaki, Cave's mobile head man echo similar sentiments over on GameSetWatch...
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XBLA: PacMan Championship Edition DX

by NFG - Nov 19 2010 in Game Reviews

OK, so Namco/Bandai (or is it Namco Generations now?) released PacMan Championship Edition DX yesterday, and I - because utterly adored the first one - I bought it immediately.
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New PacMan CE for XBLA (trailer)

by NFG - Nov 09 2010 in Games (General)

You've probably seen it before, but wow, this looks great. A must-buy for me:
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Everything about Kinect.

by NFG - Nov 08 2010 in Links & Resources

Kinect is out, and there's a lot of people talking about it. I don't have one and I don't really think I can name anything I'm less likely to buy in the foreseeable future. Gaming is about control, and the Kinect doesn't seem designed to enhance that.
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XBLA news and commentary...

by NFG - Oct 26 2010 in Games (General)

So now that Krome Studios has closed Microsoft has, for the first time (AFAIK) not released any new games for their GameRoom retro-gaming download service. They normally update weekly....
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panasonic to come out with new handheld

by Gravis - Oct 08 2010 in Hardware

so... here's the splashy ad video for "the jungle" or whatever they are calling it. great marketing but it seems like vaporware to me. i'm sure they are still schmoozing their way back into the game market after the brilliant success of the 3DO. :)
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Tales from a game store...

by NFG - Oct 01 2010 in Games (General)

When we were running the game store in Canada we were fond of unusual things. Our store had consoles and games and silly things that no mainstream shop would touch. We sold Cherry Coke that we had to drive into the States to buy (couldn't get it in Canada). We sold imported games, we had retro arcade machines, and we...
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