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3x Galaga Comparison (plus!)
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Today's tech fun!
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Floppy Disk Art Gallery
Sharp X68000 Bonanza

Sega Dreamcast D-Pad: How'd they do it?

by NFG - Dec 28 2010 in Technical

If you've ever seen Sega's Dreamcast controller you might have noticed its cross-shaped d-pad. If you follow these sorts of things, you might have noticed it and thought to yourself didn't Nintendo patent that? And you're right, they did.
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Nintendo / Seta Aleck64 Sticks

by NFG - Feb 24 2009 in Technical

I received my Aleck64 PCB today, and it came with a pair of sticks on a standard J-arcade control panel. These sticks are really neat, with a fantastic quick-switching analogue/digital selector ring.
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Neo Geo Joystick Mech

by NFG - Dec 10 2008 in Technical

The SNK Neo Geo cartridge system had a pretty great joystick (read the review) bundled with it. The internal mechanism was so solid and reliable that it was used again for the Neo Geo CD stick, and for several other joysticks from other manufacturers (and probably arcades as...
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Anatomy of a Joystick

by NFG - Nov 25 2008 in Technical

I've put together a page on the Anatomy of a Joystick, the first in a series of articles about controls (I hope!).
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Nintendo's N64 Pad - What's Inside?

by NFG - Oct 20 2008 in Technical

Nintendo, like Sega, used a novel mechanism for their analogue joystick. Instead of Sega's magnets however they went for a complicated but elegant optical encoding wheel assembly.
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Sega Saturn 3D Pad - What's inside?

by NFG - Oct 20 2008 in Technical

The biggest thing that separates the Sega Saturn 3D pad from its contemporaries (the Playstation Dual Shock and the N64 pad) is the analogue nipple. It's a large device with lots of throw, and it uses something no other manufacturer does: magnets!
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Hacking the GC Hori Pad

by NFG - Sep 13 2008 in Technical

Quite some time ago I really wanted to use my NeoGeo joystick on the GameCube. Hudson had released Star Soldier, and it was a great game, but you had to frantically pound the fire button to get the best weapon... And this was nigh impossible with a regular GC pad. It was only moderately easier with Hori's SNES-style...
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Prototype Saturn Pad

by NFG - Sep 13 2008 in Technical

When Sega first sent the early Saturn hardware to developers they didn't have final controllers available, so they shipped out modified Genesis/MegaDrive 6-button pads. They used a customized PCB with an additional switch on it, drilled a hole through the pad's shell and presto, two shoulder buttons (the first was the...
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Sony Playstation Pad: Two Manufacturers

by NFG - Sep 07 2008 in Technical

Despite being a manufacturing powerhouse, Sony had other companies produce their Playstation pads. During the first Playstation's reign at least two companies had the honour: ALPS and Mitsumi.
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Controller Patents

by NFG - Aug 27 2008 in Technical

Like most industries, patents play a huge part in the video game world. There's some interesting stuff to learn from these patents too. Here are some interesting patents I found:
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Nintendo's d-pad patents

by NFG - Aug 27 2008 in Technical

Patents are interesting things. Intended to give inventors a limited period of exclusivity over their inventions, they're now more often used to prevent one's competitors from moving past you. Companies patent anything and everything that comes out of their design labs. If you've ever wondered why Nintendo was the only...
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Xbox 360 Pad Mod: Use Atari Sticks!

by NFG - Aug 27 2008 in Technical

As you may have read, the Xbox 360 pad is really terrible for playing PacMan CE. Neither the execrable d-pad nor the analogue stick were up to the high-speed accuracy required for the game, so I had to take matters into my own hands:

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X68000 dual-d-pad controller - XPD-1LR

by NFG - Aug 27 2008 in Technical

I recently tore apart an X68000 dual-d-pad controller made by Dempa Micomsoft for the X68000. It was bundled with Crazy Climber, and also worked with Libble Rabble (another Micomsoft release). It's a fairly typical pad for the era: rectangular, flat, basically unadorned except for two d-pads and two buttons.
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