Author Topic: Expert with floppy drive issue  (Read 246 times)

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Expert with floppy drive issue
« on: March 26, 2017, 08:54:18 pm »
Hi everyone,
I just got my first Expert in the mail a couple weeks ago and finally managed to have a closer look. The PSU was dead, so I took a ATX PSU and converted it for use on the Expert. This worked pretty good for about two days until I finally decided to put the case back together.

Now the Expert still powers on as usual but none of the two floppy drives are working. I only get orange leds lighting up permanently when the drives are connected. They do not insert disks or respond to anything.

Of course I disassembled the machine again and checked for broken connections, I even re-did the floppy power cable but the issue still remains the same. What could be the cause? Hope that nothing fried on the boards :/

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Re: Expert with floppy drive issue
« Reply #1 on: March 30, 2017, 08:02:20 pm »
there's probably multiple places the problem can reside...
First off, there's a couple of capacitors on the floppy drives which can be replaced. They are a bit nasty to replace two or three of them.
Then I'm assuming there's some mobo capacitors which can be culprits causing floppy drive not to read.