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X68000 Software / Re: Lagoon
« Last post by urnhurrell on April 27, 2017, 10:36:29 am »
Thanks for the reply ha I'm glad there's more interest to a translation than just me
X68000 Software / Re: The Ys mystery
« Last post by SkyeWelse on April 27, 2017, 08:18:12 am »
A friend at my computer club that I regularly meet with owns a Kyroflux, so perhaps I could get him to dump the games if that is the case.

X68000 Software / Re: Disassembling X68k Software and Programs
« Last post by neko68k on April 27, 2017, 04:40:41 am »
You have a few options for getting C built to run on an X68.

  • XC: Sharps official tools. Not recommended for a lot of reasons.
  • GCC 1.3: This is the recommended toolchain. It seems to be the most overall compatible and working C toolchain and has regparm support which is pretty nice.
  • GCC 2.6.3: I finally got this to produce a working DooM binary but it has an unidentified problem in the raycasting part that isn't present when built with 1.3. Because of this I can't recommend you use it.
  • Lydux GCC 4.6.2 cross tools: This can be a workable solution if you are only doing simple C programs or carefully writing assembly. The newlib port is very incomplete and it seems to have problems related to relocations so compiling very complex things(DooM...) isn't going to work.

There are also considerations around what assembler to use if you aren't using Lydux tools. All of the on machine tools use one version or another of Sharps AS or HAS. These assemblers are similar to GAS but they're a bit wonky in places. Output from the disassembler DIS should, but won't always, rebuild using some version of HAS. DIS doesn't seem to produce correct output all the time but there are myriad options and maybe it's workable for whatever if you poke at it hard enough. The nice thing about DIS is that it marks IOCSCALL, DOSCALL and other things in the disassembly which can make reading the output a bit easier.

There is also the debugger DB, which is a bit similer to GDB, and its upgraded "graphical" cousin SCD. They work with output from any of the toolchains as long as you've enabled debug symbol output. They're a little wobbly but they work pretty well.

All that being said; you're really going to have to learn Japanese or get really good at using OCR and Google Translate and figuring out what things mean. The tools and the best documentation are going to be difficult to use and understand if you can't manage the language somehow. Otherwise it'll be like using a hammer when you just need to walk across the street and buy a screwdriver at Home Depot ;)

Go peep the X68000 docs at the Data Crystal wiki and get a copy of Inside X68000.

I have an HDS specifically set up for development that includes the 3 C toolchains and a heap of UNIX tools (like the DASH shell and typical UNIX things). I can probably put it somewhere if you want a copy.

I should probably properly write all this up someday. ~shrug~ If you have questions, ask. I don't promise to have an answer, but I might.
X68000 Software / Re: Disassembling X68k Software and Programs
« Last post by Pinwizkid on April 27, 2017, 12:12:01 am »
I'd love to see a music tracker program for the X68000 capable of loading any MDX file. I can't offer any guidance on the programming side, but having used several trackers in the past I may be able to provide some graphic concepts for the GUI, perhaps in the style of MMDSP (shame that player didn't have a tracker built in!)

Best of luck on your research :)
X68000 Software / Re: The Ys mystery
« Last post by kamiboy on April 26, 2017, 06:54:58 pm »
You'd need access to a kryo image of the game then. Not sure whether those are easily available.
X68000 Software / Re: The Ys mystery
« Last post by SuperDeadite on April 26, 2017, 09:24:40 am »
I have no experience with any of this, nor the hardware.
But I believe the HxC supports Kyroflux Stream files now, if that truly works,
then any protection should be correctly emulated as well.
X68000 Software / Re: The Ys mystery
« Last post by kamiboy on April 26, 2017, 07:28:45 am »
I actually bought a copy of Ys III which is in its way to me. Playing around with HxC won't do much if, as I suspect, the problem is due to copy protection. I can't help you with the disk loaders either since I have no experience with them, I just wrote the Ys III images to actual 3.5" floppies and tried to play it that way.

As for the old ReAnimator, I have never tested it on a 5.25" drive machine, but it should work. From a software point of view the drives are used the same way.
X68000 Software / Re: The Ys mystery
« Last post by SkyeWelse on April 26, 2017, 05:45:18 am »
Kamiboy, I was reading through your progress with this and as I am new to the X68000 scene and just got my XVI fully working in the last month or so, I was finally able to start playing some Dempa Ys I and Ys III action since I own the originals, but as you said, it's kind of a shame when you have to use real disks since they will eventually die out.

One fix might be to try and get either an HxC or Gotek Flashed with HxC firmware that is connected to the X68000 machine with whatever tricks that tell the system to soft eject disks in place. I don't fully understand it... yet, but that may be an option.

The other thing that I wanted to get some clarification of as a X68000 newbie is how exactly the program for loading disks into memory works provided you have enough ram. I have about 10 MB of RAM in my XVI, so that shouldn't be a problem provided if my system sees it or not (I told it in Switch.X, but I don't know if the machine actually sees it because I'm not sure how to test it exactly). The reason is that I wonder how well it works in comparison to the ERCACHE program that is typically done to do the same type of thing for PC-98 machines. With ERCACHE, I was able to find a way to keep the virtual saves to the disk without issue. I'd have to go back in and relearn the process I did for a bit, but I had it working for Ys I, Ys II, Ys III, Fray in Magical Adventure, and AIZA: New Generation. The main idea was that when you loaded the game disks into memory and then saved to a userdisk, that userdisk would then be created as a temporary file on the HDD if I recall correctly. If I reset the PC-98 without powering it off, I could then go into the DOS file manager and run a script that would copy the temporary userdisk file into an actual file on the harddrive that would be saved permanently as a new disk with a name that I didn't define myself. I could then edit the launch script which calls ERCACHE to load that new disk and it's file name into memory which would make the job much easier.

So in a nutshell, whenever I wanted to play Ys, I'd load it up in Ercache, play the game, Save the game. Soft-Reset the PC-98, go to the DOS filemanager, run a script that copies the temporary save disk in memory into a new disk file on the hdd, and then simply move that new disk file to the Ys directory, replacing the old userdisk file and my save game would be right there ready for me the next time I wanted to play it.

If you are curious to see how I've got it setup and know your way around a PC-98, I can link you to a version of the YADHI image that has these games ready to go with a set of instructions that begins as soon as you launch the game. I wonder if the same practice for this could be applied to X68000 games that only work off of disks and not the HDD?

Thanks for reading!

Edit: Kamiboy, Also, recently I came across your Floppy Disk ReAnimator program and just the other day the first 5.25 drive in my X68 Expert seems to have stopped reading disks. I was reading the readme file for your program and it seems it was created for 3.5 X68 Compact drives. Could I write this program to a 5.25 floppy and try it on my Expert, or is it designed to only work with the Compact model 3.5 drives?

X68000 Software / Re: Lagoon
« Last post by SkyeWelse on April 26, 2017, 05:21:02 am »
I honestly didn't like Lagoon when I first played it back in the day on SNES. I thought the gameplay was slow, clunky and the sword was too short! But after a few of my online friends enjoyed it, I went back to give it a fair shot and enjoyed it. After recently getting my X68000 working I picked up an original Lagoon box set and disks and attempted to start playing. The Music was indeed fantastic, but unfortunately I couldn't get very far because I couldn't quite figure out how to either create or use a Userdisk for saving. I tried writing a userdisk, but it was to no avail. If anyone understand the process better or knows how to get the game to work fine off the community harddrive image, that would be fantastic!

I also wanted to point out this post over at At least at one point there was an interested translator for a future Lagoon romhacking project. I suppose they are just missing a hacker / programmer.

If such a project were to get started, I'd surely be up for assisting with any needed graphic edits.

Controller Technic / Re: Trouble with PCE Controller
« Last post by Lawrence on April 25, 2017, 06:15:02 pm »
Well, we can rule out a broken wire - I and II use different lines to the console.  If your other controller works, it's not the console at fault.  If UP and RIGHT work, then it's probably not the '157 (because I and UP use the same output, same with II and RIGHT).  It would be weird for both I and II inputs to go bad at the same time...

Both I and II are connected to ground only when the 74163 chip says they are.  It's the autofire chip, and if it's not working, I and II fail, but the rest of the controller will be fine.  So I'd suspect something in the autofire circuit.  Bad or corroded switches, or a dead chip, or something else not directly related to the I and II buttons on the PCB.

To be sure, try using a bit of wire to connect ground to I or II buttons manually.  Or directly to the '175 chip.  Doing this will bypass the '163 and you'll know for sure.
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